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Sarah Valente, CATCs

Reflections - Program Assistant

Sarah has the honor of developing and coordinating the Therapeutic Experiential Program for our clients. Sarah’s vision for the Experiential Program at Reflections provides our clients with the opportunity to engage in life in a way that cultivates a connection between their emotions, thoughts, physical sensations, and spiritual awareness. It’s an opportunity to practice the grounding and self soothing techniques that are learned in the groups and individual sessions by bring these skills into real life situations. Sarah joins Reflections after working in the field of addiction treatment for four years.

Sarah is currently working towards her BA in Psychology and is currently completing her certificate in Addiction Counseling. With a particular focus on connection, authenticity, and healing, Sarah’s professional and personal interests lend to providing vital support to clients walking the path of recovery with compassion and integrity. Sarah’s interests in nature based wisdom, addiction and trauma treatment, offers a vital source of support for the clients on their healing journey.


Sarah Valente

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