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Gael Murphy, LMFT

Reflections - Licensed Therapist

Gael Murphy, has worked in the field of psychotherapy with a primary focus on chemical dependency recovery for individuals, couples and families for over 30 years. She has worked in private practice, residential treatment centers, transitional living and outpatient settings. Addiction and mental health issues destroys lives and families. It is her passion to guide clients and families through the process of creating and establishing Lifelong Sobriety. With her extensive experience utilizing an integrative, client / insight oriented approach, she works with individuals and groups to provide psychotherapy and education about the disease of addiction and the skills needed for recovery.


As a native San Franciscan, she obtained a B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley and her Masters in Counseling from San Francisco State University. After a two year internship working in agency settlings with couples, families and adolescents, she obtained her Marriage & Family license. As her career progressed, the need for extensive treatment for alcoholism, addiction and dual diagnosis became critical to her client population. The elements of the disease of addiction severely damages individual lives and all the associated relationships. She has worked in recovery based, non-profit programs for mothers and children in Oregon and California, as well as, high-end facilities in Marin County dealing with addiction and the family. Most recently she was the Executive Director of residential treatment program for working women in the early stages of recovery from alcohol and other drug abuse.

Through individual and group psychotherapy, she teaches psycho-educational skills, behavioral techniques integrating CBT principles, exploration of self-defeating behaviors and practical relapse prevention skills to make sobriety a reality. She has learned that 12 Step and other sobriety support groups for the individual and the family are important while building a strong sobriety base. In addition, understanding the sobriety based symptoms or Post Acute Withdrawal is critical for creating a solid Relapse Prevention Plan and learning strategies for success.

Addiction is not only a brain disease but also a family disease that effects each and every member of a family system. Knowing how critical it is for family recovery, she is skilled in family assessment and education to identify issues with codependency, enabling behaviors, family roles and the challenge of recovery for family system. This includes family of origin psychotherapy utilizing an integrative, comprehensive, multi- dimensional approach to stop the multi-generational spiral of addiction.

Having the opportunity to become a part of the Reflection’s team and offer a highly, individualized family treatment program has been a long-time goal. With the exceptional individual treatment and the chance to provide complete family assessment, counseling and education, there is a clear path for recovery for all.


Gael Murphy, LMFT

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