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Relapse Prevention

Reflections Approach to Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention is a major component of the work that we do at Reflections, since the Clinical Director, Dr. William Hanna is a certified relapse prevention specialist.  We also honor Terence Gorski's work in this area.  Another relapse prevention expert Roland Williams, MA, NCAC ll, CADC ll, LAADC, ARCPS, SAP, has worked closely with Terrance Gorski and has authored several books on the subject; and Roland facilitates our monthly Family Program.

Specialty groups on relapse prevention are part of our curriculum.

Relapse prevention is woven throughout every aspect of our program. We treat the whole person. Our unique approach and our specialized staff significantly reduce the risk of relapse. Teaching a client to recognize general "warning signs" and also personal relapse triggers are just a small part of relapse prevention. We address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of cravings. Addiction is a disease of the brain. So, we need to reprogram the brain, and create the optimal sober health foundation so that the brain will be fed the right nutrients as well as the right information for change. Exercise and diet are key elements along with education. Our own Certified Executive Chef, Brenda Anderson, takes the clients on cuisine expeditions throughout Marin County. The delicious cuisine that is served at Reflections is more than nutritious; It is also part of a craving reducing diet that complements our relapse prevention program.


Relapse Prevention